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Communication is a two way street.

Our goal at Stageworks is to provide the resources and we hope our members will use them.

Facebook for example.  Facebook is a great way to communicate quickly.  Stageworks can give notices of sudden changes to programs, rehearsals, or closures.  Lets face it, not all situations can be organized down to the very last second.  Life being what it is, sometimes every effort to organize perfectly is tossed to the side.  We need to get that information out quickly and facebook is perfect.

Facebook is also great to communicate and educate our members; how pointe works, the importance of training, how you can get involved with your childs desire to dance as examples.  We can share links, stories, and training opportunities for our students.

Facebooks is also a great place to made awesome announcements like when a teacher achieves a goal, when a student has accomplished a challenge, when an organization is building a third studio.  These are happy times.

Facebook groups can also be as productive and positive, but more often then not, they are also a forum to express your emotions or opinions in a negative way.  Those efforts don't help anyone out.  People judge people, organizations, and situations.  We see all of the comments, discussions, and attacks.  If you want a resolution, communicate with us.  If you have a questions, commuicate with us.  If you want to express your opinion, communicate with us.  Sometimes we feel frustrated and feel no one is listening so we resort to facebook. groups.  WE ARE LISTENING - COMMUNICATE WITH US.

Stageworks Academy of the Performing Arts was incorporated in 1982 as the "Leduc Just For Fun Theatre School". Formed by a group of parents whose wish was to introduce performing arts...
Final Curtain Call Review
Choreography, Costumes and Showmanship exceeded all my expectations.

~ Carrie Nicole
Class Review
Love Stageworks, they are a great dance studio! They make my boys feel welcome and support them in learning to become amazing dancers!

~ Sarah C