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2017-2018 Photo Schedule

Class Photos are scheduled for April 23rd, 24th, and 25th. Information on day of photo makeup, hair and costume is in your Final Curtain Call Handbook that was given out in class. All students are required to be present for their class pictures with recital hair and day makeup (not stage makeup). 

 Photo Schedule - click Here

Dress Code

Stageworks requires that each student in dance and theatre class adhere to a proper dress code.  

The purpose of the dress code is to understand the discipline of dance and being prepared to take in the instruction.

At Stageworks it is essential and necessary to be in dress code every week.  

In the event that your child does not wear the appropriate apparel, Stageworks follows the following process:

A young performer in dance wear relates typifies Leduc Stageworks dress code. 1) Student is provided a letter to take home to parents.

2) Student sits out of class for half the class and reminded to wear it next time.

3) Student is finally provided the appropriate dance apparel and the parent is charged for the items on their account.

 dress code click Here


Students with regular attendance during the school year will have the opportunity to perform in the Final Curtain Call on May 4, 5, & 6, 2018 at the Maclab Centre. All classes will perform in this show and each student will require a costume. Costumes were a part of your tuition amount and therefore won't be invoiced at a later date.   

Dance costumes are ordered from New York. Theatre costumes could be purchased through New York, custom made  or purchased second hand. If Stageworks has a costume that is acceptable, a rental fee is charged.

Class Placement and Scheduling Policy

  • All class placements will be done by instructors according to the best interests of the students. These placements are determined by technique, interaction and social level. The final decision will be the Arts Director.
  • At the end of class registration, Stageworks will determine which classes will run. Stageworks is committed to offer class(es) in full.
  • During the year, if class times need to be changed or sessions cancelled due to inclement weather or for other reasons, makeup classes will be scheduled.

Class Etiquette and Studio Rules

  • Be punctual. Get to your classes on time. Lateness is disruptive to the rest of the class. Late comers will sit out of class.
  • Keep your attendance regular. There is no refund for missed classes.
  • Missing classes requires that the student and/or parent seek information missed from the class, ie. newsletter, memos, choreography etc. before the next scheduled class.
  • Bring your own water bottle to class with you.
  • Young Leduc Stageworks dancer learns important information for dance and drama students A dress code is in place for all classes. 
  • Respect for the studios, parking loop, staff and other students is a must at Stageworks. Failure to act respectfully could lead to your removal from Stageworks.
  • Practice, practice, practice is required for all levels of dance and performing arts training.
  • Complaints will only be dealt with if submitted in writing to the Arts Director.
  • Absolutely no drugs or alcohol are allowed or tolerated on Stageworks property.
  • Students who are SUSPECTED of being under the influence of drugs or alcohol will not be allowed to participate in any Stageworks classes or performances. Proof is not required!!!
  • Social Media Slander will NOT be TOLERATED!  Those wishing to participate in this type of communication may be asked to leave STAGEWORKS immediately.  

Tuition Policy

  • Tuition is charged on a yearly basis.
  • Cheques will not be accepted for payment of any fees.
  • Monthly automatic withdrawals can be arranged through the online registration resource for payment plans using credit cards or debit. This is only for members in good standing.  Cancellation before the end of the season does not constitute receiving your unused funds back or stoppage in payment plans.
  • At the time of registration the first and last month payments are charged and the payment plan starts October 1st.
  • GST is payable on adult classes only.
  • $10 membership fee is charged per family.

Guest Teachers

Stageworks reserves the right to provide a guest teacher if the regularly scheduled teacher is ill or otherwise unavailable to teach a scheduled class. If a teacher is ill and the school cannot arrange a substitute, any missed classes will be made up.

Makeup Classes

When classes are cancelled by Stageworks, a makeup class will be scheduled. As the studio spaces are booked a great deal of the time, all make up classes will be held on Saturdays and according to the teacher's schedule and availability. We may at any time substitute teachers when necessary.

Refund and Withdrawal Policy

A caution sign highlights the importance of Leduc Stageworks student informationABSENTEEISM DOES NOT JUSTIFY A REFUND. Refunds will be issued by our office upon notification in writing 30 days in advance.  Final cancelation date is November 1st; no refunds or cancellations will be honoured after December 1st.  Refunds are not provided nor is stoppage in payment plans allowed for cancellation after this date.  

Stageworks reserves the right to withdraw registration if a student or parent is disruptive or abusive to any staff, students or parents at or during classes at Stageworks or performances at the Maclab Centre. The Arts Director will have final authority.

** There is no refund on deposited fees, membership fees or dance costumes.

Absenteeism Policy The following absenteeism policy is STRICTLY enforced.

** Students are not eligible to perform in any upcoming productions if they have missed more than one class one month prior to the performance.

Final Curtain Call Review
Choreography, Costumes and Showmanship exceeded all my expectations.

~ Carrie Nicole
Class Review
Love Stageworks, they are a great dance studio! They make my boys feel welcome and support them in learning to become amazing dancers!

~ Sarah C